Founded in 1933, Vent-A-Hood® Company, Limited is the first manufacturer of home cooking ventilation and range hoods. The primary technologies include the Magic Lung®, Power Lung, and ARS Duct-Free. These can ventilate and capture grease like no other while remaining astonishingly quiet. The secondary M Series uses more common panel filters yet maintains the Vent-A-Hood® quality.

Under Cabinet

Vent-A-Hood® Under Cabinet Range hoods are excellent for new construction where cabinet space is at a premium or replacing an under cabinet hood that provide little to no ventilation.

Wall Mounted

The vast assortment of Vent-A-Hood® Wall Mounted range hoods are the perfect fit for your kitchen.


For Island applications Vent-A-Hood® offers the stylish and innovative ventilation solutions.

Liner Inserts

Vent-A-Hood® Liner Inserts come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit most custom enclosure applications.